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Bank holidays in June: Banks will remain closed for 7 days in June, check the list before going to the bank

Bank Holidays in June | Alert for important bank transactions in June. There are 7 bank holidays in June.

Important in banks in JuneFinancial transactions(Financial Transactions) Alert. In Juneto banksThere are 7 holidays. Most of the people who go to banks and do transactions need to know on which days the banks have holidays.Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has uploaded circle wise holiday details on the official website. If you have any important transactions planned in June, find out which days there are holidays. Find out which days bank holidays are in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Details of bank holidays in Hyderabad circle

June 4 Sunday
June 10 Second Saturday
June 11 Sunday
June 18 Sunday
June 24 Fourth Saturday
June 25 Sunday
June 29 Bakrid


While there are 6 regular bank holidays in June, there is one day off on the occasion of Bakrid. So you should plan your financial transactions in the rest of the days. Other circles have more holidays for banks. Find out on which days banks have holidays across the country.

June 4  Sunday
 June 10  Second Saturday
 June 11  Sunday
 June 15  Raja Sankranti
 June 18  Sunday
 June 20  Ratha Yatra
 June 24  Fourth Saturday
 June 25  Sunday
 June 26  Expensive worship
 June 28  Bakrid
 June 29  Bakrid
 June 30  Remna you


Customers can use digital services on bank holidays. UPI, Net Banking,Mobile Customers can use services like banking.

To find out how many bank holidays are there in any monthReserve Bank of India (RBI) official website can be opened and viewed. If you select the Hyderabad region and month on this website, you will see the details of the holidays.

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