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Gold Rate Today: Relief for those who want to buy gold.. Today’s gold and silver rates are like this!

Gold Price Today | Gold prices are looking at the bottom. It can be said that this is a soothing factor for the lovers of green tea. The rate of silver is also running on the same path.

Gold News : Gold prices have come down. The greenback rate has gone up today. Gold rates are looking down today. It can be said that this is a matter of relief for gold lovers. Experts say that the strong US dollar in the global market has affected gold prices.

The price of gold has come down in the multi commodity exchange market. Both gold and silver are looking down in the domestic market due to the recovery of the US dollar. The dollar index again reached the 102 level.

In the morning session on May 15, ten grams were Rs. 60,910 has started. Later, the gold rate intraday rose to Rs. reached the level of 60,926. However, due to profit booking, gold prices fell.

Due to profit booking, gold price per ten gram rose by Rs. 60,820 level has come down. Gold prices have increased in the international market. It rose 0.18 percent to 2014 dollars an ounce.

Like gold, silver was initially underwhelming. Per kg Rs. It started at 73,188 level. Intraday silver rate Rs. 73,198 level as well. However, due to profit booking, the silver rate was Rs. 73,016 came down. Silver rose 0.03 percent to $23.97 an ounce in the global market.

Market experts claim that gold prices have come down due to the strengthening of the US dollar. He said that gold price is getting immediate support at 1975 dollars. The silver rate is said to have support at $23.4. Gold price in MCX Rs. 60,500, silver at Rs. It is explained that there is support at 72,500.

Looking at the conditions in the US economy, experts are predicting that there may be a slight bearish trend on gold at present. It means that gold prices may decrease. But it remains to be seen how gold rates will move in the coming period.

If we look at the Hyderabad market, the gold prices remained stable on May 15. 24 carat gold price is Rs. 61,800, while 22 carat gold costs Rs. are at 56,650. This rate is applicable for ten grams. Silver price also remained steady at Rs. 78,500 is at. Gold prices have been stable for two days. This is a relief.

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