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Mobile User: Big New! Lost Mobile Check the steps to block/track your device on CEIR portal here

The government of India has launched a portal to combat the increasing cases of mobile phones getting stolen or being lost. While most mobile phone owners are not unknown to the troubles that come with losing a phone, the governmental portal- Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)- launched by Department of Telecommunications is suer to reduce some of it, with surging hopes of retrieving the much loved device.

According to the CEIR dashboard, 4.77 lakh mobile phones have been blocked, 2.42 lakh phones have been traced, and 8,498 phones have been recovered.

Interested people should visit the official website of CEIR-

How will you block your phone on CEIR?

To block your phone, you will need to input the following details

  • Mobile number
  • Device information (including the brand name, model, and International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number)
  • Purchase invoice

Further you need to file a complaint at the nearest police station and obtain a digital copy of the complaint

  • This digital copy should be attached to the portal to block the phone, along with the details of the smartphone owner.
  • Next obtain duplicate SIM card for the lost number

The duplicate SIM card will serve as the primary mobile number for receiving the OTP (One-Time Password) required while submitting the request to block the IMEI.

It’s important to note that, as per TRAI’s regulation, SMS facility on re-issued SIMs is enabled 24 hours after SIM activation.

How to look for IMEI number?

The IMEI number is a unique 15-digit numeric identifier for a phone.

  • Users can find the IMEI number on the bill or the box of the device
  • One can also dial *#06# from mobile number to find the IMEI number

How to check the status of device before purchase?

Users can download the Know Your Mobile (KYM) app, which allows them to check the validity of a mobile device before purchasing it. If the status of the mobile is displayed as blacklisted, duplicate, or already in use, users should avoid buying the device.

Alternatively, users can send an SMS by typing ‘KYM’ followed by the 15-digit IMEI number and sending it to 14422 to know the device’s status.

How to unblock a blocked phone?

If you have recovered your stolen or lost phone, you can unblock it through the CEIR website. Simply enter details such as the request ID and the mobile number you provided for OTP while blocking, and specify a reason for unblocking.

How to check the complaint status?

Users can check the status of their complaint by providing the complaint ID and the registered mobile number on the portal. After entering this information, a 6-digit OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Once the user submits the form with the OTP, all the details will be provided.

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