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Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series : Noor Malabika leaves nothing to imagination in this Sasur Bahu tale, watch enticing video that’s ready to explode

Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series on ULLU: Streaming giant ULLU explores relationships that exist in the society but other OTT platforms are scared to tell. It has many daring shows that tell the tale of complex families wherein lust overpowers every other desire that mankind has known. Palang Tod Siskiyaan is one brave take of ULLU. In this sweeping sasur bahu saga, you will find many instances that won’t sit right with you but they are very much prevalent. Let’s find out more about Palang Tod Siskiyaan on ULLU.

Palang Tod Siskiyaan on ULLU

The story follows a newlywed bride who is all heart for her husband and his family (sasur, in particular). Her bed ridden sasur is the reason she is home most of the time. Her days are often spent in his service but she has no complains as she feels this is her duty as a bahu. However, the sasur’s ulterior motives are too explicit for the words to express. In between his taking care sesh including bath time, he tends to take advantage of his bahu. Gradually, both develop feeling for each other and their relationship gets physical without the knowledge of old man’s son.

The relationship now gets too intense that both of them can’t keep their hands off of each other and often indulge in sexy time that is not right in any parameters of society. However, with the least care about the world outside, they continue to strengthen their relationship and this goes on for quite some time. Now the question is does this stop? In order to know the deal, you should watch Palang Tod Siskiyaan on ULLU. Watch the trailer below:

About Noor Malabika’s sensual act

The series features Noor Malabika in a pivotal role. She is one of the most popular faces on ULLU. All series put her in the sensuous role, but this time round, she has waeaved magic with her sizzling act.

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