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Viral Video : Two boys entered the Delhi Metro wearing skirts, passengers sitting in the train were left wondering

Boy In Skirt Delhi Metro: Many videos have gone viral on social media in which some people were seen roaming around wearing strange clothes. After seeing such clothes, people who come and go in public are surprised. Another such video has gone viral on one of the social media platforms, Instagram, where two boys are seen wearing “Denim Skirt” in Delhi Metro. Users named Bhavya Kumar and Sameer Khan posted a video on Instagram on 16 April 2023. She was seen wearing a long denim skirt and was traveling in the Delhi Metro.

Two boys entered the Delhi Metro wearing a skirt

Her outfit caught the attention of many people. The video begins when two boys were walking in the metro. One of them was wearing a long denim skirt. Not only this, he was also wearing black glasses and a blue T-shirt. While the boy walking with him also wore a similar dress. Both were looking very strange. Interest in the video increased when he entered the metro train in the same dress. After entering inside, as soon as he stood among the passengers, everyone was staring at him. Both of their reactions were recorded through someone else’s mobile camera. Now this video is becoming quite viral on social media.

A post shared by Sameer Khan (@sameerthatsit)

The video went viral and got such a reaction

He also recorded the reactions of some passengers when they were in the metro. The video has got more than 18,000 likes and many people have commented on the video and the outfit she is wearing. Some have talked about normalizing these outfits for men, while some have shared laughing emojis. Many mixed reactions were received from the users. One user wrote ‘denim lungi’, while another user wrote in the comment, “Boys say they don’t have much clothes other than shirt pants. We can normalize these outfits.”

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