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Bengaluru woman works on laptop while sitting on a moving bike, sparks debate on work culture

All of us have experienced pressure while working in a corporate set-up. Some jobs have high-pressure deadlines, requiring you to be alert at all times. Most of us have heard instances where people had to put their jobs ahead of everything else. They sometimes had to finish work while on vacation, while riding back in cabs or metros, take meetings while travelling etc. Recently, a picture of a woman from Bengaluru working on a laptop as she was riding a pillion on a scooter has gone viral on the internet. Although the post depicted the normal “hustle culture” of the city, some users have pointed out the unrealistic expectations from employees and the toxicity of workplaces.

An internet user Nihar Lohiya took to Twitter to share the photo. He wrote in the caption, “Peak Bangalore moment. Women working on a rapido bike ride to the office.” Since being shared, the post has amassed over 44,000 views and 355 likes.

“Imagine the pressure if she has to work on a damn motorbike. How insensitive are the employers. But if she is late due to her own accord then she is to be blamed,” said a user.

A second person added, “Na…not always work pressure… its sometimes its trying to get ahead in clocking required hrs by just showing “Available”.”

“Interesting perspective! Remote work offers flexibility, and it’s possible she’s managing work and personal time. Let’s respect different approaches. #WorkLifeBalance,” added another person.

“This should not be glorified. This is peak cr**** corporate culture,” remarked a user.

“There are so many things wrong with this,” said a person.

A person also added, “I can imagine the work pressure if you’re risking your life this way.”

“It is stupidity. Companies now a days have no humanity/respect towards their employees as they overburden them with tight schedules & unattainable targets. With WFH culture, they don’t even give or have a fixed time for its employees to have their lunch, dinner, or a tea break,” commented a person.

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