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Big news came on old pension, government restored old pension, notification issued

Old Pension News: A big decision has been taken by the government in the midst of the ongoing war over the old pension system across the country. Many state governments have implemented the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) in their state. Now good news is coming out regarding old pension. The Himachal government has also decided to restore the old pension scheme across the country from April 1, 2023, that is, from now on all the people of the state will get the benefit of the old pension scheme.

1.36 lakh employees will get benefit

Giving information, the Himachal Pradesh government has said that the old pension scheme is being restored from April 1, 2023. This will benefit 1.36 lakh employees of the state government, who will not face cuts under the National Pension Scheme (NPS).

State Chief Secretary gave information

The Chief Secretary of the state has issued a notification to implement OPS (old pension system). The notification states that as per the decision of the cabinet to implement the old pension scheme, the contribution (employer’s and employee’s share) of state government employees covered under the National Pension System will be stopped from April, 2023.

The issue of OPS was included in the promises for the assembly elections.

The restoration of old pension was one of the major promises of the Congress in the 2022 assembly elections and a decision in this regard was taken in the first cabinet meeting on January 13, 2023.

What are the advantages of old pension scheme?

Talking about the benefits of the old pension scheme, its biggest advantage is that it is made on the basis of the last drawn salary. Apart from this, as the inflation rate increases, DA also increases. Even when the government implements the new pay commission, it increases the pension.

OPS has already been implemented in many states

Rajasthan is at number one among the states implementing the old pension scheme. After this, the governments of Rajasthan, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh have also restored the old pension scheme. SBI Customers Big News ! bank is giving 57,000 rupees to every customer, money will come directly into the account!

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