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SBI Customers Big News ! bank is giving 57,000 rupees to every customer, money will come directly into the account!

State Bank Of India: There is good news for those who have an account in State Bank (SBI Account). Very good news has been given to the customers by the bank. If you also have an account in this government bank of the country, then now the bank is giving you full Rs 57,000. Yes… Many facilities are provided by the bank to the customers from time to time. Now you also have a chance to get this money.

If you also get RD done in SBI, then you will get full Rs 57,658 extra. Let us tell you how-

Will get Rs 57,658

RD i.e. Recurring Deposit Scheme is a scheme in which money is deducted from your account every month. For example, suppose you have made an RD of Rs 5,000 per month for 5 years and you are getting interest at the rate of 6.75%, then according to this you will get Rs 57,658 extra on maturity.

3 lakh rupees will have to be deposited in 5 years

Let us tell you that in 5 years, your investment will be Rs 3 lakh according to Rs 5000 every month, but you will get full Rs 3,57,658 lakh on maturity. Out of this Rs 3 lakh will be your investment amount and Rs 57,658 will be the interest amount.

How much benefit are senior citizens getting?

Let us tell you that SBI gives senior citizens the benefit of higher interest than normal customers on recurring deposits. If a senior citizen invests in RD scheme, then he gets the benefit of interest ranging from 6.75 percent to 7.25 percent.

For how many months can I invest?

You can get RD done in SBI from 12 months to 120 months. In this, you can start with a minimum investment of Rs 100. You can also deposit just Rs 1,000 every month in SBI’s recurring deposit scheme. It depends on you how much money you want to deposit every month. Actress Nabha Natesh crossed all limits of boldness in bodycon dress; see photos

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