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Made coffee with toilet water, washed hair with surf, Chrisann Pereira spent 26 days in Sharjah Jail like this

Actress Chrisann Pereira, who worked in films like Bollywood films ‘Sadak 2’ and ‘Batla House’, was in Dubai’s Sharjah Jail. She was jailed in the drugs case. The actress says that she has been implicated in this case. Now she has been released from Sharjah Jail. She spent 26 days there, which has been very painful. In such a situation, one of her letters is going viral, in which she has written about the bad days there. She had to wash her hair with the surf and even used toilet water for coffee.

According to the Indian Express report, Krishan Pereira wrote in the letter, ‘It took 3 weeks and 5 days for me to get pen and paper in jail. Here I wash my hair with surf and make coffee with toilet water. I watched Bollywood movies. Many times I had tears in my eyes. I smiled many times seeing the face of our culture, our movies and family on TV. I am proud to be an Indian that I belong to the Indian film industry.

Krishan further wrote in the letter, ‘You are the real warrior while I am just a pawn in this dirty game played by these ‘monsters’. I will be forever grateful to all of you who tweeted for me and shared my story and tweeted to arrest the real culprits fueling international organized crime. We belong to a great powerful nation and I can’t wait to come back home.’

Thanking the fans at the end, the actress wrote, ‘Thank you all for saving mine and other innocent lives.’

Bakery Honor Sharjah had framed the actress

If reports are to be believed, it is being told that actress Krishan Pereira was framed by Borivali’s bakery owner Anthony Paul in the drugs case. She was lodged in a Dubai jail on 1 April. It is Paul who introduces his friend Rajesh as a talent consultant to trap Krishan. Rajesh told her about the auditions to be held in Sharjah and convinced her to give the auditions. Anthony had also booked the tickets for the actress. She was given a trophy, which contained drugs. As soon as she reached the airport, she came to know about this conspiracy.

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