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This model who looks like Kim Kardashian died at the age of 34, was plastic surgery the reason?

Christina Ashten Death: Actress Christina Ashton, who looks like Kim Kardashian, is no longer with us. She was 34 years old and was very popular among the people. It is believed that he died due to complications during plastic surgery. The matter is under investigation.

Model Christina Ashten Died: Kim Kardashian is a big name in the entertainment world and everyone knows her. His fan following is very high all over the world and people also like to copy him. Women who look like actresses also get discussed among the people and they are also liked a lot. One such actress was Christina Ashton . But unfortunately he has passed away at the age of 34. There is a wave of mourning among the fans due to the news of his death.

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Christina was known for looking like Kim and getting a body figure. Gradually she became popular among the audience and she also had a strong fan following base of her own. But at the age of 34, he died of cardiac arrest. On April 26, the sad news of the demise of the actress was shared by her family, hearing which her fans became very disappointed. It is being said that he died due to the process of plastic surgery.

On behalf of the actress’s family, it was told that – on April 20, 2023, a sad news came to us which was done by a member of our own family. He was shouting and the line spoken at the end snatched away the happiness from our lives forever. That line was that ‘Ashton is dying.’ This line is now going to frighten our whole family for life.

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Fans are missing the model

Please tell that the family of the actress has also confirmed that this condition of Ashton happened during the medical procedure and it kept getting worse. Along with it, it was also told that the investigation of his death is going on. Her fans are also very sad due to the death of the actress. One person wrote- ‘You were so beautiful, may God give peace to your soul.’ Another person wrote- ‘She was very nice, just like an angel, rest in peace.’ Many fans are seen sharing sad emoji and giving tribute to the actress.

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